In Lead We Trust

In Lead We Trust

We are a new company, which designs and manufactured new innovative products on state-of-the-art manual equipment and CNC machines.

Our staff is comprised of individuals with a collective of 50+ years of experience in all facets of the firearms business:
From inventing & prototyping, to problem solving, repair & custom work/designs, and also dealing with high-end collectibles and all forms of NFA weapon's design/repair/builds.

We design all of our own products, and all manufacturing is proudly done in the United States.


  • C.C.

    It’s great to see a company not trying to outsource work. I’ve found in the past that if you need something custom, repaired or problem solved you run into a lot of issues dealing with middle men. Way to keep it in the US!

  • R.T.

    It’s nice to see someone finally making parts for firearms that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and aren’t so hard to get ahold of. Big enough company to handle the business, but small enough to be personal. Keep up the good work!

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