When do you ship?
If the item is in inventory, we normally/try to ship same day.  Depending on our workload, it may ship the next day.

I need my order shipped overnight, etc
Before placing order, Please contact us via our contact page to arrange different shipping methods and costs.

Can I recommend for a specific barrel to be made?
We cannot tool up to make a "one-off" due to engineering/tooling cost, but if we receive enough requests for a specific item, we will try to make a small production run of them.
Do not hesitate to ask....other's might be asking, as well.  We are always listening to our customers.

Can I use my registered/legal/NFA suppressor on your threaded and/or 3-Lug barrels?
All barrel threading and 3-lugs are bore concentric for suppressor use.
Our 1/2-28 threads are Class2A (C2A is industry standard for suppressors) and measured on a calibrated Ring-Gauge.
Our 3-lug barrels and adapters are held at a tolerance of 0.0005" for exacting specs.
No baffle-strikes w/ our barrels!

Can I get a refund on a pre-paid back-ordered product?
No hassle refund, if you can't wait.
Just let us know (Via 'contact' page), and we will immediately refund your deposit by the end of business hours.  Easy Peasy, no hassle!

How do I know if my CZ EVO is GEN-1 or GEN-2?
The factory CZ GEN-1 guns have metric muzzle-threads.
The factory CZ GEN-2 guns have a US 1/2-28 muzzle-thread.

Will your SCORPION-EVO pistol/SBR barrels fit my Gen-1 gun?
No & Yes.
The minor fitment difference is in the Trunnions, not the barrels, between Gen-1 & Gen-2
Our inventory of EVO bbl/trunnions are for GEN-2 guns.
However, you can request a GEN-1 Barrel/trunnion (Via contact page), and we will make a very minor modification to the trunnion to turn it into Gen-1 specification for you.

Can you tell me how to install barrels/parts/etc?
Unfortunately no.
We always recommend that if the end-user is unfamiliar w/ correct installation of a product, that it be installed by a competent Gunsmith, due to parts being firearms related.
However, all of what we manufacture/sell is level-1 "basic" installation at worst.
If you are 'unsure', your local Gunsmith (and maybe Youtube) is your friend.

I do not see my question answered on the FAQ's page, or do not understand the answer.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you