MAC/COBRAY Barrel Installation Service

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Barrel Installation Service:

When buying one of our MAC/Cobray barrels, you have the option of having us correctly remove your old barrel from your upper receiver, and professionally installing & pinning the new ILWT barrel.

We will:
1) Remove your barrel w/out damaging it, the external/internal threads, or the upper receiver.
*If the bbl will NOT come out after exhausting all traditional methods, we will machine wrench-flats on the shoulder, to assist damage-free removal.
2) Re-spec barrel/trunnion threads in the upper receiver
3) Install new ILWT barrel to correct torque.
4) Drill cross-pin slot through bbl, and then install pin.
**If your upper does not have bbl-pin, we will correctly locate/drill/pin.
***If your upper has the old small-pin, we will drill out to larger/correct size.

If you would like us to install your new ILWT barrel, on your existing upper-receiver:
1) Add 'bbl install service' to your shopping-cart when placing an order for an ILWT MAC/Cobray bbl.
2) Contact us for shipping instructions.  2-5 day turn-around.


For technical/related questions, please email: