M11/9 Quad-Rail Complete Kit. Extended 8-5/16" Bbl

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Our M11/9 Macadapter Kit (U.S. Patent Pending) is fantastic M11/9 accessory, and comes with  all the components to get your M11/9 up and running with a Free-Float AR15-type quad rail.

Included in kit:
1) New high-quality and improved M11/9 barrel, with an extended length( +3" over oem/factory) of 8 & 5/16" (see barrel category, for technical details).
2) ILWT MacAdapter assembly, installs/removes easily.
3) Free Float picatinny hand-guard.

the 8 5/16" barrel, 7" quad rail hand guard, 3 1/4" Flash-cone and of course our ILWT adapter, to allow the hand guard to be mounted to your M11/9 without permanent alteration of your receiver or upper.
With this kit you can mount any forward vertical or slanted grip that is designed for a standard mil rail as well as optic.

 All parts with exception of the hand guard are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

 Firearm, Trijicon, Surefire and Vertical Grip not included.  


WARNING: Barrel or barrel extension, suppressor, flash cone etc MUST extend further than the end of the handguard to prevent injury!

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