MAC-10/9mm Quad-Rail Complete Kit.

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Our Mac-10 Macadapter Kit (U.S. Patent Pending) is fantastic MAC-10 accessory, and comes with all the components to get your Mac-10 up and running with a Free-Float AR15-type quad rail.

Included in kit:
1) New high-quality and improved Mac-10 barrel, oem length of 5 3/4" (see barrel category, for technical details).
2) ILWT MacAdapter assembly, installs/removes easily.
3) Free Float picatinny hand-guard.

the 5 3/4" barrel, 4" quad rail hand guard, 3 1/4" Flash-cone and of course our ILWT adapter, to allow the hand guard to be mounted to your Mac-10 without permanent alteration of your receiver or upper.
With this kit you can mount any forward vertical or slanted grip that is designed for a standard mil rail as well as optic.

All parts with exception of the hand guard are Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Firearm, optics, grip and arm brace shown in picture not included.

WARNING: Barrel or barrel extension, suppressor, flash cone etc MUST extend further than the end of the handguard to prevent injury!

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Powder Springs, GA
RPB Industries
Jersey Arms Works, JAWS
Hatton Industries
Leatherwood's Military Armament Corp, Stephenville, TX
Wayne Daniel,  Sylvia Daniel
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