Powder Springs M10/9 barrels, genuine 1970's NOS

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Original/Genuine New-Old-Stock (NOS) Powder Spring MAC-10/9mm barrels.

Powder Springs bbls with the shelf-cut for the old-style strap hanger.
These are brand new circa 1970's, never installed in a gun. 
These are Rare. We have a very small supply (6 total), when they are gone, no more ever. 

These are a rare find for owners of original NFA/registered Powder Springs MAC-10/9 smgs, as replacements to keep the gun original, or as a spare for a collectible smg.
Barrels are brand new, never installed, but may show very minor handling marks, as they are approx 40 years old. No pitting, no rust, full bluing, no dents, etc.

These are NOS and never installed/fired, but sold as used, due to their age (1970's) and very minor handling marks.

These are incorrect for 1980's RPB Industries' guns, these are for the early PS guns (Early models with the strap hanger being held on by the barrel, not the later C(circle)-clip style).

If you have any questions on these, please contact Matt@ILWTLLC.com